Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Summer Bucket List {& Reverse Summer Bucket List!}

 get snow cones
take lots of pictures
 go to the beach
wear dresses
 host a party
 practice Yoga Faith at least once a week {Not happening.  But I'm okay with that!}
 star gaze
read / visit the library {I visited the library, but read very little.}
share my faith
 make stuff
 go on a road trip {Chattanooga counts, right?}
read my Bible + journal realizations & lessons {I read daily, but only journaled once.}
 blog all the memories

🍉  ❤  🍉

🍉 Visited the Georgia Aquarium!
🍉 Explored Atlanta's World of Coke!
🍉 Tried out Dinglewood Pharmacy's "almost world famous" scramble {chili + oyster crackers + onions} dogs...  Well, Dan got the chili dog, I had a plain one {'cause chili's not my thing}, but I have to say, not my fave.  The hot dogs maybe renowned here, but they are SO pink - it was a turn off for me.  Keeping it real.
🍉 Wandered around the Columbus Museum {this was my 2nd time there + this is a freebie thing to do}.
🍉 Went on our 1st married double date with a sweet couple we love.
🍉 Went to a game / movie night hosted by friends.
🍉 Finally got to see Disney's new Beauty & the Beast.  It was utterly magical!
🍉 Had a mini tour of the very impressive {inside & out} National Infantry Museum.  We ran out of time, but we definitely plan to return this summer!
🍉 Explored Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Lab + their treetop canopy tour that took us around 40 or so feet up!  Dan also donned video capturing {GoPro-like} glasses to help with their continued improvements for guests.
🍉 Bowled for the 2nd time in my life.  I'm very slowly getting better.
🍉 Dressed up as Bible characters from the underground church in Rome for our church's VBS.
🍉 Had a breakfast + walking date with a gal pal.
🍉 Did a 3+ mile morning hike at Pine Mountain.
🍉 Celebrated my nephew's 2nd birthday with the family in Chattanooga.
🍉 Explored abandoned bunkers that used to hold TNT & are now epic, dark echo chambers - pretty strange, I must say.
🍉 Visited my old favorite place {a rocky ledge where my feet dangle freely over the TN River} + the tree where I wrote Dan's & mine's name with a Sharpie {kinda faded, but still there}.
🍉 Started seriously planning our 1 year anniversary trip to Arizona!
🍉 Enjoyed another early morning hike on Pine Mtn. - it was are longest to date {4.3ish miles}!
🍉 Helped friends with some baby shower crafting!
🍉 Finally bought a washer {thank You, Lord}!  No more apt. laundry mat + all those quarters!
🍉 Enjoyed the festivities at our friends' baby shower / anniversary celebration.
🍉 Played parents for a long weekend of fun with my nephew who came to stay a few days with us for the very 1st time!  We went to the Splash Pad downtown, the Columbus Museum, the National Infantry Museum, Oxbow Meadows, church, the new Lego store, got Icey Girl & Co. snow cones, swam, played the Wii, found lots of painted rocks + painted & hid some of our own, had a Nim's Island movie-night-in, & made chocolate "dirt" pudding with gummy snails & worms!
🍉 Last summer hurrah with exploring downtown + smooches by the river + Kilwin's ice cream & fudge!

Thank You, Lord, for a blessed 1st summer for us!

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