Monday, June 18, 2018

Dollar Store Upcycle // Slogan Straw Hat


Have you seen those hats popping up all over the place?  The straw kind with slogans & cutesy sayings all over the brim?  Did you know you can DIY your own for only a couple bucks?!

Here's how...

I found all the materials for this upcycle at my local Dollar Tree {straw hat - it already came with the black ribbon tied around it, black sequin ribbon, & tacky glue}!  Figure out what your slogan is going to be first.  Here's some ideas:
  • do not disturb
  • hello sunshine
  • out of office
  • beach vibes
  • aloha
  • bonjour
  • peachy keen

Next, take your sequin ribbon & practice spelling out your phrase.  Beware of overly scrolly script - you don't want your hat to be hard to read, or, even worse, misread.  Also, try out the placement of your slogan on your hat.  Once you're happy with it, go ahead & start gluing it down.  I used Aleene's Original Tacky Glue {from the Dollar Tree} & it worked like a charm.  I tried both hot glue & super glue previously & got poor results.  The tacky glue is pretty easy & forgiving if a readjustment is needed, it dries clear, & has a strong hold.  Let your hat dry until all the glue is clear {this could take a couple hours}.  Once dried find a sunny spot to put on that fancy + wordy hat!  I love how this easy DIY takes a simple summer staple {the beloved floppy hat} & turns it into a real statement!

What would your hat say?

P.S.: Thanks Dan for taking the perfect hat shots! 
P.P.S.: You are the best husband this girl could ask for!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My Summer Faves // 2018

This Time & Tru swimsuit from Walmart is only $9.96!  I ordered mine online {in the blissful blue color} & got it shipped free to my local store.  I love the halter front + the back on this one-piece!

Sally Hansen leg makeup is my go-to for my super pale legs.  The medium glow shade gives me some nice color + helps camouflage blemishes + it's waterproof!  Win-win!

These frozen pineapple bars are my new favorite sweet thing! {P.S.: They're only 90 calories a pop + no high fructose corn syrup!} In a tiny way, they remind me of Disney & dole whips.

Coral nail polish is one of my favorites for summer.  I really like this coral reef shade from Sally Hansen!

These Skechers' sandals in gold are chic + comfy... which just happen to be my 2 requirements for summer, 'er life. 😉

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Date Night Ideas // June 2018

💑 Visit the closest rest stop that has visitor info & go pick out some brochures together that interest you both.  Go home & research  + make some plans together for future someday-soon nearby adventures... & make a pact that you actually go & do some of these things this summer!

💑 Revisit a place that is meaningful to you as a couple.  Whether it's the 1st place you ever went on a date, the spot of your 1st kiss, where you got married, etc.  Go there together & make some new memories while you fondly remember the old.

💑 Have a classic old movie night-in!  Snuggle up, pop some popcorn, & watch something from the golden age of Hollywood... be it comedy, drama, or somewhere in-between.  Bonus Idea: Afterwards, discuss how you think your relationship would be if you lived in the bygone era from the movie you watched.

💑 Know about the painted rock craze?  Click here for more.  Paint some rocks together & go hide them around your city.  Be sure to check Facebook & Instagram to see if your city has a painted rock page to join - or you could create one of your own. {Dan & I ❤ hiding + hunting rocks!}

💑 Find some outdoor games to play together.  Click here for lots of options from Walmart!

💑 Find the nearest creek, lake, or beach that's safe to splash in + explore.  Enjoy an afternoon of water + sun + fun!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Monthly Recap // May 2018

➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴

 Received the unexpected diagnosis of PCOS & now working on trusting Jesus moment-by-moment as Dan & I seek to start our family.  Dan brought me the sweetest potted flowers + card after work that day.  He knows the way to his girl's heart, & I thank God for him.

 Spent the 1st Mother's Day not with my mom {because of school I decided not to make a rushed trip, but wait until summer where I could spend more time} + with this new unknown of PCOS.  Honesty here... it wasn't my best day.

 Finished up the school year in a mini long term sub position in kindergarten.  So thankful school's out!  Hooray!

 Enjoyed date nights {& days} of getting ice cream, dinners out, walking downtown {where I found a beautiful golden unicorn I could never afford}, + walks along the river, finding + hiding painted rocks here & there, a visit to our city's prayer tower, & enjoying snow cones!

 Had a picnic {just the two of us} on Memorial Day + went to a new-to-me park & swung on the swings for awhile, until Dan insisted we leave because he thought this guy was creepily watching us from his car. {I'm thankful for a protective husband. 😉} Then we went to see the new Han Solo movie {wearing our Star Wars tees, of course}.  I must confess, it wasn't my favorite.

 Started attending a new women's study at our church on the book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver.  It is so good, guys!

Top 3 Brave Posts of the Month: