Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Little Letters // November 2017

*These little letters are all from the same crazy/beautiful day when Dan & I decided to get back into our wedding attire & take some photos I'd been dreaming of but never got back when we were 1st wed a little over a year ago...

November 18, 2017

Dear Dan,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not fainting on the side of the road with only me in my wedding dress to catch you.  I just don't think your little wife has that kind of upper body strength.  I'm so sorry you twisted your ankle while running towards the railroad tracks in your nice suit to get our pictures taken.  I'm doubly sorry it made you feel nauseous & see spots {again, thanks for not fainting}.  Thanks for rallying & taking pictures after a few minutes rest back in the car, too.  You are the bestest husband!  I think one day we will look back at this whole thing & laugh.

Your Loving Wife,

✉ ⏩

Dear Sheriff,

Thanks for not taking us in when you found our car parked on the side of the road + us in our wedding attire taking pictures out on the railroad tracks.  You were very understanding about the whole thing.

Kindest Regards & Sincerest Thanks,
Laura + Dan

✉ ⏩

Dear Elderly Couple Driving By,

Thank you for tooting your horn + calling out, "God bless you two!" as you drove past & saw the crazy sight of my husband in his suit & me in my wedding gown out on the side of the road.  Although you couldn't have known we'd already been married a year, you made us smile.  We pray to one day be that elderly couple with a lifetime of memories together, wishing another young couple best wishes, too.

Laura + Dan

✉ ⏩

Dear Sweet Photographer Lady + Daughter,

After the ankle twisting, then sheriff visit, we were a little unsure when we saw you get out of your car & walk towards us down the railroad track.  How grateful we were when we heard you call out that you didn't want to bother us, but just help us because you were a photographer!  Thank you for offering to go back home & get your camera, but the photos you took with Dan's phone were just as beautiful as any we could have hoped for.  You & your sweet daughter helped me move around in my bulky gown & capture memories that will last a lifetime {not least including the sweet memory of your overflowing kindness}.  You made our day!!!

Laura + Dan

✉ ⏩

Click here to view a few of my favorite photos from that crazy/beautiful day!

Once Upon an Autumn Day...


I'd been dreaming of taking wedding pictures on this lovely piece of railroad track for over a year now.  Last Saturday, we got our wedding things back on & finally made it happen!  Click here for more of the story on the misadventure {& adventure} of that lovely autumn day!

Monday, November 20, 2017

DIY Thankfulness Tree

Whether you're hosting a gathering this week & need something simple + festive to spruce your place up, or you're just looking to start a new tradition at your house, this DIY couldn't be simpler. 

Gather small branches & twigs from outside, arrange in a canning jar, & hang decorative tags with blessings written on.  Place a small decorative plate or basket {or whatever you wish} with more tags + a Sharpie or two so guests/family can add their own to the tree.

Praying your Thanksgiving is full of moments where you stop & count up all your blessings!

"Every good & perfect gift is from above..." -James 1:17