Monday, March 19, 2018

Currently {March 2018}

💮 Planning... all the things I need/want to do over spring break next week.  We hope to start off by having a yard sale this weekend... #debtpayoff

💮 Seeing... all the trees/flowers in bloom so early this year!  It's making me happy {& sneezy}.  I just hope a frost won't come & nip 'em.  I even saw daffodils the other day!

💮 Working... as a long term sub in 2nd grade, & man, am I ever tired much of the time!  Teaching wears me out, but I'm thankful to have the job + a class full of 26 sweet kiddos.  Is it just me, or are class sizes crazy nowadays?

💮 Praying... for God's grace + peace to flood my anxious heart.  I have been struggling with holding onto this & I want to so badly.  Even in the times I feel far away, I know He is still right here beside me & I'm holding onto that.  He is good.

💮 Praising... my heavenly Daddy for how good, patient, & forgiving He is to me.  It is utterly astounding & I am in awe.

💮 Wearing... a mix of things with the crazy temp changes here.  One day I'll be busting out the winter coat, a week later I'm in flip flops & a spring dress!  I'm crossing my fingers that the springtime weather will be here to stay now.

💮 Loving... all the baby things {&, no, I'm not expecting, but since when has that stopped me}, all the spring blooms, spring break's ever-approaching self, Rachel Cruze's YouTube channel, & white Reese's peanut butter cups.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Little Letters // March 2018

Dear 2nd Graders,

You are funny & you are cute & you are special & you are loved & you are the best!  I'm praying I don't lose any of you on the field trip tomorrow!

Your Teacher

✉ ⏩

Dear Teaching,

You are wearing me ragged & I am exhausted pretty much what feels like all the time!  I love the kiddos {see above as evidence}, but, man, who do they think we are?  Superman?  Well, we are, but sadly, I don't think even that's enough for them - & "them" is not the students.  Ah, crazy expectations, working countless unpaid hours, & public school politics are ruining many a fine educator.

Rantfully {& Very Truthfully} Yours,
A Teacher

✉ ⏩

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for taking care of Dan during his eye surgery!  You are the Great Physician & I praise You!

Love Your Daughter,

✉ ⏩

Dear Spring Break,

You are just but 2 weeks away.  I can smell you, or maybe that's just the floral air freshener.  Either way, please hurry!

A Teacher

✉ ⏩

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Monthly Recap // February 2018

➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴

 I got the flu.  Like the legit flu - the kind they tell you you've got after they do the swab test where they put this thing that looks way too much like a shish kabob skewer up your nostril.  Yep, I'm sorry for the visual.  It wasn't pretty.  It lasted about a week.  And, yes, I had my flu shot, but ya know this season influenza was crazy.

 I was in the middle of the flu when February 14th came this year, but we still exchanged Valentine's gifts + cards & ate some sweets + tried to make it special.

 We went to the beach for the 1st time together!  I was literally just getting over the flu & we weren't sure if we were going to make it happen, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to see my mom + stepdad {who had already planned the trip} & feel that white sand between my toes.

 I began another long term sub job, this time in 2nd grade.  Overall, my class is really sweet.  They make me laugh a lot.  It's a blessing to have the work, that's for sure.

 One night, Dan headed into the kitchen & then a moment later there came his shriek, "Ah!  There's a snake in here!"  I'm like, "What do you mean there's a snake in here?!"  Well, sure enough, there was a little brown snake coiled up by the refrigerator.  We were so afraid it would slither away & we wouldn't be able to find it!  We didn't know what to do, so we did what any sensible apartment dweller would, we called maintenance & a guy came in a few short minutes & took the critter away.  However, the next day as I stepped out my door & into the breezeway who should appear but the snake!  Actually I wasn't for sure it was the snake, but it was definitely one of his family members.  Dan brushed it away with a broom & so far we've not seen another.

Monday, February 26, 2018

'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

I found myself scribbling these words on my bulletin this past Sunday morning.  In a world that seems so full of fear, Christ is where our trust must anchor...

Maybe I don't have to trust everyone.  Just Him, & that's a freeing thing.

He will hold me & there is no pretense & there is no question of if I'm enough for Him or what He thinks deep down of me & all the other awful unknown wonderings that engulf me with everyone else {except maybe my mom (thanks, mom)}.  But with all else I question & I hesitate to trust, because I fear the pain that just may follow such a risky, risky thing.

But with Him, I can trust & risk the risk that is no risk at all.  And in His hands I can place all the rest of fickle & faulty humanity {including myself: the president of the club} & trust Him with the lot.  When all else is wavering & uncertain, He is rock solid & unchanging - the same yesterday, today, & forever {Hebrews 13:8}.

How amazing is He!  I must trust Him, for He is forever trustworthy.  Amen.