Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Gifts // Vol. 24

1,554. seeing her little tear-stained face light up when I told her not to listen to that boy who said the rotten lie words because "You are a beautiful girl!"
1,564. dinner + games with friends
1,567. my gift of a husband - I love him
1,575. mug cakes in the microwave
1,586. a God who is forever faithful & always pursues me
1,589. making it to church on time after I forgot about the time change
1,605. shopping trips where I don't buy anything
1,608. for the way You made the stars & that they still shine
1,623. dear Leila, home with You
1,647. taxes done & money back

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Date Night Ideas // April 2018

💑 Go to the library together & pick out a movie or 2 to borrow {at most libraries this is free to do with a library card}.  Then, go home, pop some popcorn, & enjoy this date-night-in on the cheap!

💑 Gather some friends {married or single} & have a group game night date.  Ask guests to bring some of their favorite board/video games if you don't have many.  Don't forget the snacks!

💑 Find the closest fair or mini amusement park & go have an adventure together.

💑 Play putt-putt golf together + go out for a treat afterwards.

💑 Look for a warm day when gentle April showers fall {i.e.: no lightening/thunder}, & go out & play/dance/run in the rain together.

💑 Go seed/plant shopping together & start a little garden {whether in pots or somewhere in your yard}.  Be sure to continue to water/tend your garden together as it grows + take the time as you care for your plants to talk about the growth in your own relationship.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Ways We Save $!

  • Nix cable, magazine/box subscriptions, etc.  We even got rid of Netflix recently, 'cause we just didn't need it.
  • Eat in!  This doesn't mean we never go out - in fact it's one of Dan's favorite things to do - but eating out is typically way more expensive than eating in.  So, more often than not, I make dinner for us at home. {Bonus: It can be a whole lot healthier that way, too!}
  • Gather all your unwanted/don't-need-stuff & have a yard sale.  We did this recently, & even though we didn't have any big ticket items, we ended up earning a little over $150!
  • Sell stuff on eBay.  If it's likely to earn much more on eBay than at a yard sale, we put it online + pray for a bidding war to break out! 😉
  • Shop smarter with the free Flipp app that lets you check multiple stores' weekly ads + view coupons, etc.
  • Check out books, DVDs, & CDs at the local library instead of buying.
  • Sign-up for Ebates & earn $ back on purchases from lots of stores you're likely already shopping at!  It feels a little like getting paid for shopping, 'cause it basically kinda is.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Monthly Recap // March 2018

➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴
 Went on a field trip with my 2nd graders to former president Jimmy Carter's childhood home in Plains, GA.  It was freezing!!!  Instead of eating outside like we were supposed to, the staff took pity on us, & we all crowded into the hallway of Jimmy's house & had our lunch on the floor.

 We enjoyed a couple dinners + game nights with friends this month.

 Spent an afternoon gazing at tables full of gorgeous camellias + all the other exhibits at a local art/history museum.

 Saw Broadway's Beauty & the Beast on a date night!  It was put on by a local private school & they did a phenomenal job!  Lots of little girls in the audience were decked out in frilly yellow-gold Belle dresses, & I may or may not have worn a yellow silk ruffle blouse myself.

 A very dear friend of mine went home to Jesus after 100 years on this earth.  Leila was a gift from above to me in my high school years & on into college and after.  Whenever we got together there was lots of laughter.  I will never forget her.

 Spent a busy spring break traveling to Chattanooga solo for my friend's funeral {I'm so thankful I was able to make it to this} + spending time with all my family up there.

 I made it safely back to Columbus from Chattanooga {through the Atlanta crazy & all the in between} only to have a lady back her car into the side of mine in a parking lot after I got back home.