Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Currently {June 2017}

💮 Thankful... for white Christmas lights on our tiny screened-in porch making it magic, 3 swimming pools to choose from at our apt., a husband who loves me so, & a God who loves me perfectly.

💮 Planning... well, more like wanting to plan - er, pre-planning, for a someday soon summer/anniversary trip.

💮 Excited... to see my family again soon!

💮 Watching... Expedition Unknown, The Wall, & Little Big Shots {Dan & I watch these together.} & Little People Big World {I watch this one solo, & only just recently picked it up.  It's amazing how people {me} get so interested in complete strangers' lives.  Like now I am so ready to see about Zach & Tori's baby!  Silliness!}

💮 Eating... too much ice cream!  But it's summer. {I know.  What's my excuse the rest of the year?}

💮 Wearing... shorts, dresses, & sandals.  That Georgia heat, though!

💮 Enjoying... walks, hikes, & swims with my husband.  We even spotted a scarlet tanager {the most beautiful red bird} on a hike the other day + 2 deer on a walk!

💮 Reading... still trying to finish Beauty Begins - & Dan & I are continuing our Bible reading in 1 Kings currently.

💮 Learning... this is another lifelong lesson {few aren't (outside bicycle riding) - another thing I'm learning} that in any situation the only thing I can control is myself - my response & my actions & my words.  I can't control anyone, but me.  And, man, do I need lots of prayer to control even me well.  Jesus is my strength!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Up in the Treetops...

Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Lab is an amazing nature wonderland in my city!  Dan & I headed out to explore {it was my 1st time} for our 9 month anniversary.  We decided to try the treetop tour which took us around 40 feet up into the canopy...

No one else had signed up for our time slot, so we enjoyed a private tour!

We explored the expansive trails, too, & Dan even put on some video capturing {GoPro-like} glasses to help document our experiences for Oxbow.  We decided they needed some entertainment.  I hope they enjoyed our commentary + antics. 

We even found some deer tracks out by the meadow!

Oxbow Meadows, we will definitely be back soon!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Gifts // Vol. 13

834. a homemade rainbow pencil cup holder gift from a kiddo at school - a sweet surprise & a reminder that all His promises are true
838. my sister getting offered a new job
839. his messages throughout my day
855. passing by the chalkboard sign with the scripture on it as a friend & I walked downtown
860. snow cones at the Icey Girl & Co.
863. hearing my nephew sing his sweet church solo via video {He did amazing!}
866. Dan making me a mini 'Laura' Lego figurine at the new {unofficial} Lego store here in our city
870. exploring a mini abandoned cemetery at twilight with my love
871. how I got a husband who uses a legit light saber as a flashlight & checks to see that the doors are locked before bed
873. those pink cotton candy clouds that appeared at dusk

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Date Night Ideas // June 2017

💑 Go on a double date with another couple. {I think these are most fun when you have the space to talk (i.e.: not a movie night).}

💑 Try spelunking together!

💑 Find a snow cone {shaved ice} place & make it a date!

💑 Cool down with a fun swim date.  All you need to find is a pool, lake, beach, etc. {You can even use the water hose &/or sprinkler!}

💑 Visit a nearby aquarium or zoo together.  Learn about each other's favorite critters.

💑 Try out new smoothie recipes + combinations together & have a taste testing! {Don't forget to make it a grocery date before to gather all the fruits/veggies you guys want.}

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Monthly Recap // May 2017

➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴   ➶   ➴
Dan & I started teaching the K-5th group at our church on Wednesday nights.  We love working with our kiddos + serving Christ together in this way!  My favorite memory is when the kids wrapped Dan in aluminum foil the night we talked about putting on the armor of God.  It put a {funny} visual to what I already knew, he is my knight-in-shining armor {& a gift from God}!

Took pics with a giant cow {statue} & checked off bucket list item #22!

 Celebrated 8 months married with a special sign taped onto a stop sign.  He totally missed seeing it, & I had to call him back {I was in a nearby parking lot watching}!

Took a solo trip back to TN to see my mom for Mother's Day!  I love seeing all the family {& I love passing by that "Tennessee Welcomes You" sign}!

Got lost way out in the boonies looking for a horse farm.  We found ourselves driving on gravel roads with not much of anything that looked promising in sight, but eventually we made it!

Finished my last day as a school librarian.  This long term sub job lasted way longer than I could have imagined, & I am giving all the thanks to my God who led me to it.

Grabbed some tea, walked the River Walk, & explored a bit downtown with a sweet new friend!  I even got to introduce her to Kilwins' ice cream shop!

Dan drew on the eggs!

We had fun at our flower girl's b-day party!  The party was at the new "unofficial" Lego store in our city & we {kids + adults} all had a blast creating crazy vehicles & houses out of the iconic toy.  Dan even made a Lego figurine version of me that we got to take home!

As weird as it sounds, we explored a couple cemeteries this month.  In an old sprawling downtown one we found the memorial to all those lost in a terrible infamous circus train wreck that happened here way back in 1915.  This is also where the police pulled up, blocking my car just as we had gotten back in, & cordially asked if we were the only occupants in the vehicle.  It turns out there had just been an armed robbery very close by & they were looking for the suspects who may have fled our way!  They gave us descriptions & told us to call if we saw anything.  We left shortly after, but not before making another stop to get out & look at some more stone markers + drive around looking for the bad guys {'cause I think I'm Nancy Drew}.  We also explored an "abandoned graveyard." {That's what Google Earth called it, but really if Google Earth knows about it how abandoned can it be?}  Dan said we were just going to drive by the spot & see if we could see anything through the woods {so I kept my flip flops on (bad idea)}, & we headed out in his car as twilight began to set in.  Turns out it was pretty much abandoned, but it wasn't hidden in the woods, just nestled near the side of a back road.  So we got out.  In the encroaching darkness, in the overgrown weeds & brush, me in my flip flops.  Did I mention bugs?  I'm sure they were out there waiting to bite my big toe.  We had us some adventures! {& I kept all 10 toes!}

Had our 1st visit to the Icey Girl & Co. for snow cones & an impromptu date night.

On Memorial Day weekend we explored Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium + the World of Coca-Cola to celebrate the kickoff of my summer break!

We tried a local favorite since 1918 - Dinglewood Pharmacy's "almost world famous" scramble dogs.  I had mine sans the chili, 'cause chili's just not my jam.  Turns out, neither are the brightest pinkest hot dogs I've ever seen.  Sorry, Dinglewood. {I'm sure the flamingos love you.}

Went swimming {in our apt. pool} for the 1st time together this season!

Toured the Columbus Museum one afternoon.  So glad my new city has this amazing little art/history museum + it's free!