Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Snapshots

Favorite dress + donut on the lap = pretty much bliss!

Valentine's bouquet from my sweet love!

There were a lot of donuts this month.

We celebrated Valentine's by going bowling.  This was my first time.  Ever.  Crazy, I know.  P.S.: I was pretty bad {putting it mildly}.

I went swimming in February, 'cause this is crazy Georgia weather!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gifts // Vol. 5

578. spotting a doe in the woods 
581. &, still, hope
586. that giant moon + its moon shine
588. our 1st married Valentine's
589. a heart-shaped creme donut with a smiley face
594. time with family
595. getting to hug my mom
597. chasing Gary around the field
600. seeing my husband again after being apart
601. a "welcome home - I love you" banner + tulips waiting for me

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our Love Story // Part 1 {The Prequel}

I was one of those adamant ones.  I would not, under any circumstances, "go online" to try & find a guy.  Sure, I had heard & even seen it work for so many others - & I honestly thought there was nothing wrong with it for them - but it just wasn't for me.  No way.  No thank you.

Then, it snowed.  This is a real treat for us in the south.  We go nuts & raid the grocery store like it's the end times & we just absolutely need that last loaf of bread, so just try to pry it from our death grip {the struggle is real}.  I was teaching at the time & we got a snow day!  Yay!  No kiddos, no paper grading, no early morning getup, sweet little flurries swirling.  Then, the snow day turned into 2, then 3 - & the flurries became the real stuff & decided to stick & collect & make it all fluffy white beautifulness.  And I became a little stir crazy, shut up in my apartment solo, making snowmen for company.  Yes.  Did I mention Valentine's Day was swiftly approaching - like at the end of the week?  This was a deadly combo, a recipe for disaster... that cabin-fever inducing snow-day-week {we got the whole 5 days off (for real)} & the approach of Val Day made me do the unthinkable.  I went online.  For a trial, 'cause I'm still kinda convicted of my adamant no that I obviously can't hold to in times like these + I'm thrifty.

Now dear reader, here is the curve ball you didn't see coming perhaps, I met someone then.  But he wasn't the one, & after just one "date" {that term is used quite loosely here}, I knew it & I tried my best to graciously leave no hint of possibility as to anything more.  Thankfully we hadn't even exchanged phone numbers or e-mail addresses {we had just communicated within the site's messaging system (which is the safe way to go for awhile, in my opinion)}.  To think this all literally happened within one snow-day-filled-week is craziness, especially considering my no-way-Hosea policy on the whole thing.  I pretty much threw it all out the window {into the snow, of course}, started a free trial on a dating website {gasp}, started communicating with guys {double gasp}, & got a "date" {again, so loose} set up to meet a real live human-could-be-crazy-lunatic-murderer-man all in one week {get the smelling salts}!  Did I mention our "date" was for the day after Valentine's {& the snow just up & finally melted by then}!?

Maybe it was the crazy snow week loneliness, the pressure of another single February 14th, or making the snow couple {yes, I really did} that did me in that year, I don't know, but that Valentine's my heart melted a little & I turned my adamant no into a perhaps maybe yes to this crazy internet love connection thing...❤

P.S.: Part 2 here!


Monday, February 13, 2017

8 Unexpected Spots to Hide Love Notes for Your Spouse

1. In the fridge next to their favorite snack.  {In my husband's case, that would be anywhere near the diet Dr. Pepper.}

2. In their work bag.  If you place it in a seldom used pocket or some other tricky place they may not spot, sometime during the work day send a message telling them where to look.

3. Tucked under the visor in their car.  Hopefully, they'll flip that down & your surprise note will fall into their lap - or onto the car floor, where they'll lean down to get it & almost sideswipe a semi {but hopefully the former, not the latter will occur}.

4. Put a stamp on it & send it the old fashioned way.  The fact that you live with this person & could have handed it to them only adds to the quirky charm, in my opinion.  {Or you could save a stamp & just address it & stick it in the mailbox (after the mail's already been delivered, of course) & send your spouse to bring it in.}

5. Tucked inside their favorite boxed/bagged snack food.  Cookie, cracker, & cereal boxes are all perfect for this, by the way.

6. Put your message in a bottle!  Bonus points if you can find a spot to float it in actual water... a hot drawn bath with bubbles might be just the thing!

7. In their underwear drawer.

8. Inside the book they're currently reading.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Gifts // Vol. 4

548. playing the blindfolded navigator {the passenger, not the driver, of course} car game - we had an adventure
552. how You pursue me {&, oh, how many times I do not have the eyes to see it - forgive me, Lord}
554. seeing the camellias in bloom
556. my husband calling to tell me he's bringing me a Happy Meal, 'cause I didn't bring much of anything for my work lunch
558. Your perfect, umerrited, matchless love, sweet Jesus
562. French toast & Mexican leftovers while watching TV together
563. how he called me his "treasure"
564. how he told me he kissed my pillow last night thinking it was me
566. the times he says the strong words that calm fears & let my heart rest in love, & remind me why I said a forever yes to being his {I am grateful beyond words for you, Dan}
577. his impromptu oven mitt puppet show that made my upset-hormonal-mess-self laugh so much

Saturday, February 4, 2017