Thursday, March 30, 2017

Our 1 Year Bucket List // 2017

Back in January, Dan & I came up with a 1 year bucket list - things we want to get done within the span of 2017 {which just so happens to be our 1st full married year together}.  We wanted something manageable, with both fun & more serious goals, that we know we can actually get done in 12 months time.  This is our list, which resides on our fridge to help us keep the focus...

Laura & Dan's Big Adventure: 2017
□ Go camping together at least once.
☑ Visit at least one new state.
☑ Take an amazing anniversary trip together.
□ Finish the F260 Bible reading plan.
☑ Continue work on the debt snowball plan.
□ Check off at least 1 item from each of our personal bucket lists.
☑ Find new ways to serve Christ together.
☑ Continue adding/maintaining new family traditions.

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