Sunday, July 2, 2017

Our Love Story // "Reader, I Married Him"

The clouds that brought some shade that bright September afternoon were as fluffy & magic-like as any I've ever seen.

It was the day I was to say, "I do," & I was terrified.  To all the watching guests, my walk down the white path was solo, but this daughter who lost her beloved earthly dad 16 years ago, knew she had a perfect Father God by her side, holding her shaking hands that clutched her bouquet tight.

We wed out in beautiful creation, with those clouds overhead & Georgia pines in the distance, in the big open field behind our new church in my new city.  Butterflies waltzed past us at one point in the ceremony, like the ones my mom had made for me & lovingly stitched onto my veil, & it was my favorite wedding gift that day from my first & truest love, & reminded me to breathe - there is reason for joy in Him always.  He brings us caterpillars & hope & butterflies & joy.

I made a covenant promise to love the man who had tears in his eyes as I walked down to him, the one I couldn't believe I had found after so many prayers & journal letters written where I left a blank for the name to go when he was just a hope & a prayer & a dream.

We sealed our promises with a kiss & marched down the aisle to this tune & we were now husband & wife & my life forever changed.  And change, just like with caterpillars, I learned, can be beautiful & good, & I thank God each day for this change in so many ways - name, residence, city, state, church, family, responsibility, heart - & for the husband who helps me see the beauty in this life & in this adventure & in myself, just like the butterflies.

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