Thursday, July 6, 2017

Date Night Ideas // July 2017

πŸ’‘ Try being tourists in your own city & explore what your area has to offer - both old & new.

πŸ’‘ Make an indoor fort to cuddle + watch movies / play games in!

πŸ’‘ Play the blindfolded navigator game!  Place a bandanna over the passenger's eyes & have them give directions for the driver, such as left, right, straight...  At some point, let the passenger remove her/his blindfold & see where you end up + switch roles.  Note: you may need to have the GPS handy in case you end up, well, a bit lost!

πŸ’‘ Paint together.  You don't have to be a trained artist in the least {hello, abstract art} to have fun!  Gather some supplies & decide if you want to work on separate canvases or on 1 together {brushes or finger painting is another option}.  See what the pair of you can create!

πŸ’‘ Send a sky lantern up into the dark night sky + spend time praying over & discussing your future together.

πŸ’‘ Escape the heat of the day & try an early morning &/or evening hike together.  Bonus points if you get going in time to see the sunrise!

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